Empowering You To Own Your Sleep

Sleep is an elixir to humans. It heals you, keeps you healthy, gives you amazing abilities and keeps you sane. Yet many of us don’t sleep, most out of choice. But if you sleep well, you can achieve incredible things.

Sleep isn’t something that should come at the bottom of a long list of things to do.  It should naturally come top and centre along with good food and water.

Find articles that will help you to get more acquainted with sleep. From the importance of sleep, what could happen when you get too much or too little sleep, to how you can survive on hardly any sleep when you have no choice. There’s also information on living with less, interiors, money and many other areas that all directly or indirectly affect how you sleep.

In short, there’s something here for everyone*

*If you have a sleep disorder or think you may have, read this first before anything else.

Why You Need to STOP Buying Presents
Article by Gemma Lee of Spacial Wellness   Introduction by Charli Davies I’ve always had a thing about presents.  As in, not giving them. We stopped buying...
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REAL LIFE… when your health dictates your success
When I first approached John about chatting to me for this article he was enthusiastic about sleep and how important it is to him.  In...
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REAL LIFE… when you have a busy business
To say Mel Wood is busy is an understatement.   Mel created Fidgetbum™ five years ago and hasn’t looked back since.  Her business is going from...
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Why not getting enough sleep is holding you back and how to change it
I can hazard a guess that you might not be getting enough sleep. A 2018 study revealed that the average person living in the UK...
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