Sleep is an elixir to humans. It heals you, keeps you healthy, gives you amazing abilities and keeps you sane. Yet it eludes many of us, most out of choice. But if you sleep well, you can live more fully. Sleep isn’t something that should come at the bottom of a long list of things to do.  It should be featured top and centre along with good food and water.

Find articles that will get you more acquainted with sleep. From the importance of sleep, what happens when you get too much or too little sleep, to how to survive on little sleep when you have no choice. There’s also information on living with less, interiors, money and many other areas that all directly or indirectly affect how we sleep.
In short, there’s something for everyone.

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The myths behind experiences vs. things
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How to sleep better in the summer heat
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About Us

Live differently… that’s what we to do here at Live Differently.
We have a simple ethos;
Live to create a good night’s sleep, sleep to live life fully.

You don’t need to have a sleep disorder to take notice of your sleep.  All you need is to want to live life as fully as you can so you can achieve what you want.  By living this way, you can exist truly.  Existing truly can only be defined by you for you because it means different things to everyone.
For us, it means being able to live freely and fully.  So, we take on the projects we want to take on and do what we love.  Consequently, we can spend as much time as possible with our children and set the example we want for them.

From how we manage our money and our sleep, to our possessions and how we’ve designed our family home, this ethos is kept top and centre.  I’m not saying we know it all, we don’t, and we’re still learning but what we do know has changed how we live our lives for the better.

We hope we can help you do the same and you find the articles you need*.  We want to entertain you, inform you and inspire you to make change.
If we’re not doing that, drop me a line and let me know at
Toodlepip for now, Charli x
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*If you have regular trouble sleeping and suspect you may have a sleep disorder, please read this before anything else.