About Us



Live differently… that’s what we do here at Live Differently.

 We have a simple ethos;

 Live to Sleep, Sleep to Live.


You don’t need to have a sleep disorder to take notice of your sleep. All you need is to want to live your life as fully as you can so you can achieve what you want. That could be in your business, your career, with your family or any part of your life. If you don’t sleep well most of the time, then trying to reach your goals becomes an uphill struggle and striving to be content with life becomes a slog. But it doesn’t need to be. A few small tweaks can make a huge difference.

From how we manage our money and our sleep to our possessions and how we designed our home. We strive to keep this ethos top and centre and live differently so that we can reach our full potential. Nothing is stopping you from doing this too. It doesn’t take a significant change to make a huge difference, just a few collective small ones.

We want to entertain you, inform you and inspire you to make small changes in different parts of your life so you can sleep well* and be your definition of successful.

If we’re not doing that, drop me a line and let me know.


*If you have a sleep disorder or think you may have, read this first before anything else.