Your Home & Your Sleep


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Your living environment can be all-encompassing when it comes to sleep. From how you decorate your bedroom to how you store your belongings, it can all influence the quantity and quality of your sleep and how you go about your day to day life which, affects your sleep too.

Colours can have a subtle impact, as well as what you see around you, as they can change your mindset considerably. The best environment for sleep is one that is clear of clutter, calm and simple. 


Your bedroom is a haven for sleep and needs to be the epitome of calm and simple to ensure your mind can feel restful and quiet enough to drift off. Using your bedroom for working, storing possessions or watching TV can mean that you’re not able to sleep well or you experience the inability to get to sleep when you go to bed or when you wake in the night. 


Walking into your home ought to make you feel secure and calm. Each of your possessions can have a home and be stored where you can find them easily allowing you to create a homely, welcoming environment that feels like a big hug when you walk through the front door. 


A home that is your domain, that you have control of and works best for the successful life you want to live is a home in which you feel nurtured and cared for. This is the best environment for sleep and the articles you find here will provide you with inspiration and tips to create the right environment for you.