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Not all sleep is created equally. Getting quality healthy sleep can be difficult if we over think it but once you’re able to get the quantity of sleep needed the quality should follow. 

To get the quantity of sleep that can pave the way for quality sleep, leading a lifestyle that allows you the time to eat well, drink well and exercise and have the time to sleep is important so we’re able to get a good shot at getting the sleep we need. Our mental wellbeing also plays a part in this as sleep relies on our minds to allow us to drift off.

Most of us are aware that caffeine keeps us awake and being physical can help us sleep. Here’s a question for you. Did you know that exercising too close to bedtime can stop some of us from getting to sleep and that drinking alcohol too close to bedtime prevents you from being able to get quality sleep?

Sleeping is just one part of being healthy, alongside exercising, eating well and being mindful.  Exercise and eating well rely on sleep to ensure good recovery and the use of food by our bodies. 

You’ll find articles here on the nitty-gritty of wellbing and sleep and how what you eat and how you exercise could help you to get good quality healthy sleep. How you can help your mind let you go to sleep and how small changes in how you live can make a big difference. After all, we want to make the best use of our sleeping hours so we can make the best use of our waking hours.