How to create the perfect sleep environment

I’m sorry to say, contrary to the title of this article, there is no such thing as a perfect sleep environment. Stick with me, though. There are too many factors that come into play in creating a perfect sleep environment in the same what that there is no such thing as perfect sleep.  That said there are quite a few things you can do to make sure you get as close as possible to a perfect environment with the factors you can control.

More bad news. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to creating the best bedroom for sleep.  For starters, not all bedrooms are the same shape or size.  Not all bedrooms have just one or two people sleeping in them.  Mainly, we are not all the same.  We all have different tastes, and what I find relaxing, you may find downright hideous. BUT one thing that is the same for all of us is that your bedroom needs to be primarily for sleep.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to reclaim your bedroom and make it a place for sleeping so you can get a good night’s sleep.

A perfect sleep environment for sleeping needs to be;

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Calm and comfortable

Your bedroom needs to be comfortable.  If your bedding doesn’t feel like a big hug you don’t want to leave, then it’s time to change it.

When making your bedroom comfortable think about;

The tog factor of your duvet. Is it appropriate for the time of year, so you’re warm but not hot, and cool but not cold?  If in doubt, go for a lighter tog and add a blanket to the bottom of your bed in case you get a little cold.

Your mattress. Is it supportive enough for you to be comfortable but not so hard it’s like sleeping on the ground?  Unless that’s what you find comfortable! If you wake up stiff and sore or your mattress is sagging, it’s probably time to change it.  It’s recommended to change your mattress every 7 to 10 years as it all depends on the manufacturer and how well it’s looked after.

Your pillows firmness.  Are you a front sleeper or a side and back sleeper?  Have a pillow that is good for how you sleep, so you get the support you need.  And one pillow should do it unless you have pillows like pancakes.

Do you have cotton covers? Your bedding needs to be breathable and soft to touch to keep you at a pleasant temperature and comfortable.

The temperature of your room. It’s not a good idea to have your heating on overnight.  It can make you feel groggy and tired when you wake up.  Your body temperature needs to drop a little to get quality sleep, so it’s better to use your duvet to keep warm, not your heating.

The colour of your bedroom walls. Keeping your bedroom calm can not only mean removing clutter and anything that isn’t to do with sleeping but also the colour of the walls.  Opt for a calming pale colour rather than anything vibrant.

Clear of clutter

Piles of clutter in your bedroom will remind you of all the sorting you need to do.  Plus, clutter and stuff collect dust and dirt which doesn’t create a good bedroom for sleeping.

Remove piles of laundry, books, clothes hanging outside your wardrobe, overflowing dirty laundry, ornaments and cosmetics if you can.  You shouldn’t need anything more in your bedroom than your bed, side tables, wardrobe and draws and maybe a chair and rug.  Nothing else is necessary, and the clearer the space, the clearer your mind and the better you can drift off into quality sleep.

Simple and understated

Your bedroom isn’t the place to have your love of vibrant colour come to the fore.  Channel your inner understated calm self instead.  It’s worth thinking about painting over that accent wall too.

To get a good night’s sleep with the ability to drift off easily, a simple and minimal bedroom might be best.

Fresh and clean

Keeping your bedroom clean can help you sleep well.  Dust can cause a stuffy nose without you even realising it, and this can affect how you sleep.  Keeping your pets out of your bedroom and out of your bed is a good idea too if they keep you awake. This helps to keep a fresh and clean room for sleeping.  It’s important to regularly clean your bedroom to keep it as fresh and clean as possible. Once a week should do it.

Textures not busy patterns

Exchange busy patterns for textures to create an inviting room without an overload of colour.  Exchange detailed pictures, photos, or paintings for simple abstract art to add a little something, but not too much.

Used only for sleeping, and…

Your bedroom needs to be for sleeping and sex (if your bedroom is where you want to have sex).  NOTHING ELSE.  No working, eating, watching TV, or prolonged use of any devices, NOTHING.  Your brain needs to associate your bedroom with sleeping.  If all those other things happen in your bedroom, then your mind can’t be quiet enough to go to sleep as everything in your environment reminds you about all the other things you need to do apart from sleeping.  So, it’s a good idea to remove everything to do with anything but sleep.

Dark and quiet

Having a room that is dark and quiet is obvious.  (I can hear you shouting at the page) BUT go into your bedroom.  How much light is emitted by the alarm clock right next to your head or the streetlight outside your window?  How much noise is emitted by the clock ticking on the landing outside your bedroom? Or the TV in the corner of the room?  What can you see and hear within your home that during the day you won’t notice but when it’s quiet and dark outside, become very apparent?

You could invest in blackout blinds or curtains if you need to.  Remove or change anything that hums or makes too much noise in the quiet of the night. If the lights in your bedroom have 60-watt bulbs or equivalent, you can change them for lower watt bulbs.  You may want your bedroom lighting to create a soft glow, not a harsh light.

Gadget-free and NO TV

If you need to be reminded again, read the two points above and this article about having a TV in your bedroom.  Then, remove your TV and gadgets to another room.


Lastly, is your bed as big as it can be for the room?  The bigger the bed, the better your sleep as you have enough room to move around, and if you share your bed, you’re not too close to anyone else.  There’s nothing worse than being woken as you’re too hot because the person next to you is like a radiator.  Or they’ve just elbowed and kicked you as they rolled over.


So with all the things you can control taken care of to create your perfect sleep environment, let’s hope your neighbours don’t throw a party every night and the weather doesn’t get too hot or cold.


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Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

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