Real Life…


REAL LIFE… when your health dictates your success
REAL LIFE… when you have a busy business
Real life… working irregular hours.

Welcome to the ‘Real Life…’ series. 

These articles are about REAL people, living REAL lives and how they REALLY deal with their sleep.  It’s all fine and well to be told we need to sleep for a certain amount of time each night but how do other people, who may be in a similar situation to us, deal with their sleep and a busy life as well?  What do they do?  How do they cope if they’ve not been able to get enough sleep?  How to they make sure they do sleep?

We don’t need to have a negative life changing situation happen to make us realise that we need to change our sleep habits or patterns, but when life gets in the way sometimes that’s what it takes.

This series aims to inspire and inform you, providing you with an insight into how REAL and successful people manage. 

Some of the people you read about have experienced life changing situations which have made them think more about their sleep and how they live.  Some of them haven’t.  Let’s learn from them all and take inspiration from their stories.


Most of all this series is here to show us that not one of us is alone in our pursuit of more energy, more productivity, more sleep. We are in it together, one day and one night at a time.